Using Web 2.0 to Enhance Litteracy…

Tomorrow, I will be heading down to Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island. I was there two week ago to give a presentation at the “ACELF” conference. This time, I will be doing the same to teachers from the PEI Department of Education. I will have a busy schedule ;
Wednesday :
9:30-10:30 ; Keynote to “Site Technical Contact”. They are teachers who act as liaison between their staffs and the Department of Education in term of technology use.
1:30-2:30 Breakout session, Questions and answers period
2:30-3:30 Breakout session, Questions and answers period
2:45-2:45 Keynote in English at the annual Prince Edward Island Teacher Federation Conference
11:00-12:00 Keynote in French at the annual Prince Edward Island Teacher Federation Conference
This is for me a unique opportunity to shares ideas and practices done at the “Centre d’apprentissage du Haut-Madawaska”. This will also be a challenge as this will be the first time that I do this in English. I like a challenge. I also want to invite PEI teachers to our conference « Clair2011 » in January…
I don’t place my presentation on my blog anymore. Files are usually big and there is always changes at the least minute. I do want to leave some traces of my presentation and important links.
Here are the YouTube videos used during my presentation ;

Here are the links for the book used during the presentation;
* Don’t bother me mom, I’m learning (Marc Prensky)
* The World is Flat (Thomas L. Freidman)
* Comment le web change le monde (Francis Pisani et Dominique Piotet)
* Web Literacy for Educators (Alan November)
* Teaching Digital Natives (Marc Prensky)
* Leading 21st Century Schools (Lynne Schrum et Barbara B. Levin)
Finnaly, here are some Web 2.0 examples done in my school;
* Text (in French)
* Text in Science (in French)
* VideoBlog in Problem Solving in Math (in French)
* French homework
* English videoblog
* Teacher’s comment (in French)
* Geometry (in French)
* Robotics (in French)
* Survey (in French)
* PC Tablets (in French)
* LopArt
* Homework in Science (in French)
* Podcast (in French)
* Using Flickr in Science (in French)
* Text in French class
* Text from a grade 2 student (in French)
* Student’s comment (in French)
* Partnership with local newspaper (in French)
* Videoblog composting (in French)
* Podcast #1 in English class
* Podcast #2 in English class
Thank you for your interest in our work and our school !!!
Update; (Oct. 13, 2010) Here is a video that I suggested to a participant during my presentation;

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