Ma rencontre avec Tom Hierck

Voici des notes personnelles de ma rencontre ce matin avec Tom Hierck.
Each kid is a success story wating to be unfold…
Things change, our school is differents, not good or better, just changed…
Some kids didn’t go to Disneyland this summer…they survived…They can’t wait to come to school…They might not say it…
Our job should be that the kid thay leaves us is better in June thant when they came in in September…

Occasionally being an educator feels like…
« The one who plant the tree rarely enjoy the shade. » Proverbe chinois
Plant the seeds…. It will happen… It may take time but it wall happen…
We have the unique opportunity to have an impact on student life…
Cartoon : Worst job ever :

Our school : What do we want to be known for ?
What do we want people say from us ? Let’s start this year…
Some students don’t have an easy life. Instead of trying to change this (we don’t even have control…), we need to embrace the fact that the student is comming to school and they are connected to their passion…
« We need to change for kids instead trying to change kids. » T Hierck
Principal for Education;
– We are responsible for teaching all students.
– View difficult behaviour as an apportunity to educate for change.
– The more we motivate, the less we discipline.
– Have numerous strategies and a passion for success. (Curwin & Mendler, Discipline with dignity for challenging youth (1999))
We know, behavior is learn, predictable and can be change through an instructional approach.
We cannot always build the future for our students, but we can build our students for the future…
Can you find a perfect five pointed star in this pattern?

Do you see where your principal wants to go ? Does your student kere you want to go ?
You don’t teach math (or any other subject), you teach kids…
Change is rationnal…transition is not… To go from the old to the new, we need a planned change…
Sometimes you need to admit that you are wrong;
4 categories of relationships;
– Parallel Play
– Adversarial
– Congenial
– Collegial; Talking about practice, sharing craft knowledge, observing one another, rooting for one another
« The single best low-cost, high-leverage way to improve performance, morale, and the cklimate for change is to dramatically increase the levels of meaningfull recognition for-and among-educators » T Heierck
Team work dosen’t always gives the results we would hope for;
Finding the right solution might seem easier than you might think ;
« Success in education hinges on what happens in the classroom.
3 guidelines to consider;
– Think big but start small
– Ensure that assessments become an integral part of the instructional process.
-Link new assignments with existing classroom assessment practices.
« Assessments must be a sources of information for students and teachers. »
« Assessments must be followed by high quality corrective instruction. »
« Students must be given a second chance to show improvement. »
« Nearly every student has suffered the experience of spending hours preparing for a major assessment, only to discover that the material he or she studied was different from what the teacher chose to emphasize on the assessment. » (Guskey, Ahead of the curve (2007))

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