My Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT)

Last Sunday, I blogged that I was going to Hong Kong to participate in the Asia-Pacific Innovative Teacher Conference organized by Microsoft. I will be along 7 other canadians to join teachers from 35 different countries. In order to get ready for this event, I had to prepare a Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT). Also, a poster will be printed for my showcase. My VCT is in a PowerPoint format and has many links to describe the project. My proposal is also available from the following link. As English isn’t my native language, I hope that the information will be as accurate as possible… In this project, students will design a PowerPoint presentation in which they will have to present the information while appearing in the presentation. Theses presentations will be downloaded in a Zune and on Youtube to be shared with classmates and families.

Here’s a pdf copy of my poster ;

…and here’s an example of a student’s presentation ;

Other examples are available with the folowing link.
Whish me luck !!!

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