Human Rights/ Water/ Developping countries/ English grade 7th/ CIDA

Last summer, during a trip to Ottawa for a project with CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency)

I met a nice teacher from Calgary, his name is Bill Robinson. He is a teacher from St. James School.  In December, his school is hosting an educational day about water and sanitation around the world. The goal of this day is to inform everyone involved about major water issues, such as the lack of clean drinking water in developing countries. He hopes to educate the students, teachers and parents on these issues and give them ideas on how they can help.  They decided on December 10th because it’s Human Right Day around the world and clean drinking water is a major problem for developing countries.

I was invited with my students to participate virtually to his day.  We are asked to prepare a video about the importance of water in our lives.  Since our school has an on going project with a school from Bamako Mali in collaboration with the Canadian International Developing Agency and that I had a chance to experience first hand the on going related problems regarding water supply, and sanitation in Bamako I accepted his offer.



On December 10th, my grade 7th students along with 14 other presenters, 11 schools sending over 200 students, plus Grenada, Jamaica and 4 Canadian twinning schools will celebrate that day and hopefully learn a little bite more about human rights and the importance of water in different part of the world.

I ‘m often asked why I say yes to these projects my answer is easy why not!!!!!  My students are going to have a chance to learn, use technology, share their knowlege, discuss and hear about Human Rights, they’ll have to think about their usages of water, they’ll have to speak, think and write in English and they’ll be part of an International activity going on in an other province with students, teachers from at least four different countries.

I think it’s a wonderful opportunity, thanks Bill for the Invite!!!! 

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