Ads that work!

Ads are everywhere! You see them on TV, on food packaging, on the Internet, in magazines and even in public bathrooms. Advertisers use different techniques to get us to buy their product.
P. 60 Interactive (English as a Second language)
Tricks of the trade
1. The ideal family uses the image of a family to sell a product.
2. The instant excitement technique is often used to sell food or beverages.
3. The just for cool people technique sends the message that using a particular brand will turn us into cool kids.
4. The star power approach uses celebrities to sell goods of all kinds.
5. The catchy word technique, using words like NEW, SPECIAL, WONDERFUL, NATURAL etc…
I’m always amazed of what my students can do when you give them access to technology.
1. Make an ad that promotes a product, using an advertising technique
2. Write a post and publish it in your blog.

Do these ads influence you into buying the product they promote?
Here some more…..

5 commentaires

  1. Dominique Violette dit :

    Vincent Bouchard, I saw your presentation. It was really good. The fact that you used your dog and demonstrted your product was really cool!!
    Dominique Violette

  2. Julie Michaud dit :

    heyy Nokomi,
    that was a great publicity! and also funny!lol I actualy have one slap chop at home and it’s true that it is easier to wash and faster to prepare your food then a regular knife! hehe:) if your publicity could go on tv ,alot of people would buy the slap chop!! 😉
    well good job! and keep up the good work! XD

  3. vincent poitras dit :

    Amber i realy liked your presentasion and I liked the paret wen or brodher takes.

  4. Danidoucette dit :

    Iliked your commercial becus Iliked tv and I got one just liked that and bye the whay take kare and god bye

  5. Dannik Byram dit :

    Vincent Bouchard, i liked your commercial beacause it is true my dog smells realy bad after it got sprayed by a skunk and your product helps the odor i think your product is worth i`ts money.

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