Travel vocabulary (vacation 1)

By Air

Airport: I went to air port to catch a flight to San Francisco.
Check-in: Make sure to get to the airport two hours early to check-in.
Fly: I like to fly on the same airlines to get milage points.
Land: The airplane will land in two hours.
Landing: The landing took place during a storm. It was very scary!
Plane: The plane is packed with 300 passengers.
Take off: The airplane is scheduled to take off at 3:30.

Check your vocabulary by using a word to fill in the gaps:

  1. My plane _____ in three hours! I have to catch a taxi to the _____.
  2. Can you pick me up at tomorrow? My flight _____ at 7:30.
  3. The _____ was very bumpy. I was afraid.
  4. Be sure to _____ at least two hours before your flight.
  5. The _____ is a 747 by Boeing.

Words for Vacations

Camp: Do you like to camp in the woods?

Destination: What is your final destination?

Excursion: I’d like to take an excursion to the wine country while we’re in Tuscany.

Go camping: Let’s go to the beach and go camping next weekend.

Go sightseeing: Did you go sightseeing while you were in France?

Hostel: Staying in a youth hostel is a great way to save money on vacation.

Hotel: I’ll book a hotel for two nights.

Journey: The journey will take four weeks and we’ll visit four countries.

Luggage: Can you carry the luggage upstairs?

Motel: We stayed in a convenient motel on our way to Chicago.

Package holiday: I prefer to buy package holidays, so I don’t have to worry about anything.

Passenger: The passenger felt ill during the voyage.

Route: Our route will take us through Germany and on to Poland.

Sightseeing: The sightseeing in this town is rather boring. Let’s go shopping.

Suitcase: Let me unpack my suitcase and then we can go swimming.

Tour: Peter went on a tour of vineyard.

Tourism: Tourism is becoming an important industry in almost every country.

Tourist: Every May many tourists from around the world come to see the flower festival.

Travel: Travel is one of his favorite free time activities.

Travel agent: The travel agent found us a great deal.

Trip: The trip to New York was lovely and interesting.

Vacation: I’d love to take a nice long vacation on the beach.

Use a word from the list to fill in the gaps:

  • Could I ask what your final _____ is?
  • The _____ to Chicago was very interesting.
  • I enjoy going _____ whenever I visit a new city that I don’t know.
  • It’s best not to take too much _____ with you on your trip. The airline might lose it!
  • There were many _____ who missed the flight to New York.
  • Let’s just stay at a cheap _____ along the highway.
  • If you want to save money, take a hike and _____ in the mountains.
  • Our _____ will take us past some of the most beautiful homes in Hollywood.
  • I think _____ is one of the great ways to expand your imagination.
  • I hope your _____ was pleasant.

Travel by Land

Bicycle: One of the best ways to see the countryside is to ride a bicycle.
Bike: We rode a bike from shop to shop.
Bus: You can catch a bus for Seattle at the bus station.
Bus station: The bus station is three blocks from here.
Car: You might want to rent a car when you go on vacation.
Lane: Make sure to get into the left lane when you want to pass.
MotorcycleRiding a motorcycle can be fun and exciting, but it’s also dangerous.
Freeway: We’ll have to take the freeway to Los Angeles.
Highway: The highway between the two cities is quite lovely.

Rail: Have you ever traveled by rail?
Go by rail: Going by rail offers the opportunity to get up and walk around as you travel.
Railway: The railway station is down this street.
Road: There are three roads to Denver.
Main road: Take the main road into town and turn left at 5th street.
Taxi: I got in a taxi and went to the train station.
Traffic: There’s a lot of traffic today on the road!
Train: I like riding on trains. It’s a very relaxing way to travel.
Tube: You can take the tube in London.
Underground: You can take the underground in many cities throughout Europe.
Subway: You can take the subway in New York.

Fill in the gaps with a target word:

  1. You should change the _____ to pass this car.
  2. Let’s take a _____ to get to the airport.
  3. I think the _____ is a great way to get around a big city.
  4. Have you ever ridden a _____? It must be fun.
  5. I think traveling by _____ is the best way to see the countryside. You can walk around, have dinner and just watch the world go by.
  6. If you take the _____ road you will get back to town.
  7. There’s nothing like a _____ ride on a spring’s day to get you in shape.
  8. How many _______ have you owned in your life?

Sea / Ocean

Boat: Have you ever piloted a boat?
Cruise: We will stop at three destinations during our cruise through the Mediterranean.
Cruise-ship: It’s the most elegant cruise-ship in the world!
Ferry: Ferries allow passengers to take their cars with them to the destination.
Ocean: The Atlantic Ocean takes four days to cross.
Port: There are all kinds of commercial ships in the port.
Sailboat: The sailboat requires nothing but the wind.
Sea: The sea is very calm today.
Set sail: We set sail for the exotic island.
Ship: Have you ever been a passenger on a ship?
Voyage: The voyage to the Bahamas took three days.

Find the right word to fill in the gaps:

  1. I’d love to take a fancy _____ and travel through the Bahamas.
  2. It’s hard to imagine that Japan is on the other side of this _____.
  3. You can catch a _____ and take your car to the island.
  4. We _____ next June for the cruise of a lifetime!
  5. A _____ is the most environmentally friendly way to travel.
  6. Let’s rent a _____ for the day and row around the lake.



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