Dream vacation 2

Dream vacation

Each student chose a destination where he or she would like to go and jotted down three reasons why it would be a great vacation spot.

Then each student prepare an oral presentation to describe their destination to the rest of the class in glowing terms.

1. Where will you go first? Where after that? And last?
2. How will you get to each place? What kind of transportation will you use?
3. When will you go? What will the weather be like then?
4. How long will you be staying in each place?
5. Where will you stay in each place — in a hotel or hostel, with friends or family, or at a campground?
6. What fun activities will you do? What landmarks will you visit?
7. What kind of food are you going to eat? Will you cook your own food, or eat in restaurants?
8. What should you pack? What will you need to bring with you?
9. How much money do you think you will need for food, lodging, and other expenses?
10. What will you bring back home with you, as souvenirs or presents?


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